2013 ~ The Wilson Project Space presents *DAI-Printed Matter* / 9 ANNI DI PUBBLICAZIONI D'ARTISTA / a project curated by Micaela Deiana and Vittoria Soddu (DAI, 2011)

tags: Sassari, Arnhem

24 January – 1 March 2013

On Thursday 24th of January at 18,30 Wilson Project Space in Sassari (on the island of Sardinia) will present *DAI-Printed Matter. Nine years of artist publications*, a project curated by Micaela Deiana and Vittoria Soddu.

Since 2004 the DAI, Dutch Art Institute (Arnhem, Netherlands), has promoted the Publications Project, an educational structure founded by Gabrielle Schleijpen, director of this Master in Fine Art, which every year invites its graduating students to tackle the production process of the artist book, using the tool of printed matter not as a form of documentation of a work, the more classic portfolio, but as an independent visual language.
Crucial to the project is the collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie (Master in Typography), which together with DAI is part of the more articulate network of  the Artez Institute of the Arts. The success of the experiment brought to an expansion of the project with the introduction of the figure of the collection editor – a supervisor who since 2006 has held the role of guiding students in elaborating the contents of their publication – and since 2011 also the creation of a partnership with Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory, non-profit space based in Utrecht. In less than 10 years the *Publication Project* has become an editorial platform much appreciated by experts within the sector. With more than 100 books published it has been presented in various fairs including The New York Art book Fair, directed by AA Bronson (Printed Matter, Inc) and the Berlin Art Book Fair and Offprint Paris. 

With the project *DAI - Printed Matter* the collection exits the Institute's book shop in Arnhem to become an itinerant library, hosted in this occasion at Wilson Project Space, which will be transformed into a small reading room where visitors can spend some time flicking through the pages of the books and consulting the web to learn more about the projects of the artists involved. Presenting itself as a small (and young) experimental space dedicated to contemporary art, through this initiative Wilson PS promotes a series of encounters to investigate the subject of artist publications together with students from the University of Sassari Departments of Social and Human Science and Architecture, Design and Urban planning) as well as the Academy of Fine Art Mario Sironi.

Participating artists:

Adamantia Nika - Ana A. Fernandez - Ane Ostrem - Anna Hoetjes - Anna Korteweg - Anne Schiffer - Astrid Marit - Barbara Philipp - Barbara Wagner - Bassam Yusef Alkhouri - Buba Cvoric  - Carlijn Mens - Charlotte Rooijackers - Chris Meighan - Danielle Davidson - Davide di Sarò/Kristy Trinier - Doris Denekamp - Eelco Wagenaar - Emily Williams - Eric Philippoz - Eva Olthof - Eva Schippers - Frederik Gruyaert - Gerco Lindeboom - Goncalo Sena - Hidenori Mitsue - Ingeborg Entrop - Iris Tenkink - Izabela Oldak - Jae-Min Kim - Jan Lee Owen Jonker - Jeroen Marttin - Jimini Hignett - Jolanda Jansen - Jort van der Laan - Juhee Youn - Julian H. Scaff - Julien Grossman - Julio Pastor - Kamila Szejnoch - Kevin Immanuel - Kostas Tzimoulis - Kristen Cooper - Kristiina Koskentola - Lado Darakhvelidze - Lara Morais - Lauren Alexander - Lin Shih-Ying - Maaike Sietzema - Machteld Aardse - Maciek Duchowski - Magdalena Mellin - Manami Yoshimoto - Marija Sujica - Marina Tomic - Nikos Doulos - Patricia Sousa - Paul Segers - Paula Bugni - Pavlina Alexia Verouki - Petra Vackova - Rana Hamadeh - Raymond Huizinga - Renaldi Zefi - Rosie Heinrich - Ruben van Klaveren - Rui Vilela - Ruth Linnemann - Sander Uitdehaag - Sasa Miljevic - Seda Manavoglu - Sevgi Ortac - Sujeewa Kumari - Suzanne van Rest - Taf Hassam - Tatia Skhirtladze - Teresa Borasino - Teresa Diaz Nerio - Toeh Meisami - Tsui-Iun Liu - Tzvi Gutter - Vanja Smiljanic - Veridiana Zurita - Viki Semou - Vitto Valentinov - Vittoria Soddu - Witta Tjan - Xue Mu -Yenyitzu - Yunjoo Kwak.