March Chronicle by Annette Rodriguez Fiorillo, Claudia Medeiros, Dalia Maini & Noam Youngrak Son

| tag: St.Erme


If we lend our ears to the sounds of historical times we will find embedded in them the stories of struggles against oppression or for the hopeful ones, motives of liberation.

Whether coming from the streets of peripheral neighbors where the stronghold of marginalization dictated the meaning of life or the entangled territories of indigenous wisdom a lively subtone that affirms the right to exist and self-determine existence animates the sonic imagination of the fold of history.

A score of notes joins straightforward slogans chanted during protests and demonstrations, where bodies claim a new position of freedom within society, or in social spaces all over the world, away from the commodification of music culture, drums and trumpets rhythmed the philosophy of a counter-culture. The social vocabulary that defines categories of belonging is choreographed in music to ease the prescribed ways we move and relate to each other.

One does not need wealth to transform a tool into an instrument, and no floor is correctly designed where every inch of ground is made to hold syncopated joyful dances. Music and its effects on the body, liberated from its hierarchical labels, are democratic and generate a nonverbal language that crosses borders and censorship. We dance ourselves into the present to find a better future.

The sound piece we offer is a mashup of songs, spoken words, and field recordings that tighten us to the place we are, the communities we come from, and those we want to reach. The music genres we present belong to the legacy of intersectional feminist, anti-racist, and anti-classist musicians and activists who intimately resonated with the hymns of justice we aim to collectivize and silence the white noise of imperialist mindsets. We hope that by listening you will be inspired to lean onto each other, make poetry, and make love to comrades and strangers. Until a new collaborative space for paces is reached.

In sound and resistance,
Annette, Claudia, Dalia and Noam


On Violence · Angela Davis
Ivory T · Dalia Maini
99 Posse · Curre Curre Guaglio
Free free Palestine · Dalia Maini
Eyes of the Rainbow · Assata Shakur
Me gritaron negra · Victoria Santa Cruz
Canción Sin miedo · Vivir Quintana
Toloposungo Vol II
Cae · annette
O Canto dos Escravos · Canto II
Daily protest · annette
"Students Singing 'Into the New World' Just Before the Violent Suppression at Ewha Womans University."
Kirara · Wish
Preferia Nunca · No porn
Lang Lee · There is a wolf
Miriam Makeba · Khawuleza
UNOS · Angermanagement
Yaeji · Fever
Da maior importância · Gal Costa
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless · Child Odetta
Deus do Fogo e da Justiça · Virginia Rodrigues
Liniker · Zero
Love for Sale · Eartha Kitt
Mulher do Fim do Mundo · Elza Soares
Iansã cadê ogum e juizo · Clara Nunes