March Chronicle by Elif Cadoux, Helena Estrela & Seán Bean, feat contributions by COOP study group: The Word and the Wound participants.

| tag: St.Erme

How can I keep going?

I don’t know


Tell me what you really really want



Is waiting and being calm a solution?

Raksjd adkjfhe





How to transform the object, and this object into a verb?

“Release Your Neck”

In a common dream of soup and relief

and spells

and offers to the fire


I hear you,

chips on the butt

and wax on my coat

and a glass of wine in the candlelight


the point is

to turn the two into one

when signing

or reading minds

between smiles


so I am now whispering words to the walls

but not expecting any answers

just reverb


we wait, we wait, we wait

we breathe in, breathe out

I hope somehow we synchronize


Thank you to Lisa Montan, who led our exploration of hearing ourselves and our neighbors sound at the same time, and who encouraged us to explore the gap between.