Exciting news from Itziar Okariz ~ invited tutor of DAI 2014-2015 ~ and kilo Translations (a.o. Isabel Marcos (DAI, 2013)) about publishing two new translations, both delving into the realm of dreams. Itziar’s Dromen is a Dutch translation of one year long project of artist's dream diary. Directly upon awakening, Itziar jots down her recollections of dreams, which often manifest as vivid narratives or fleeting impressions. 

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For the first time, Itziar Okariz presented Diary of Dreams as a vocal performance in which she multiplied the phrases, read the words repeatedly, and even inverted their syntax. Eventually, starting from 2013, the artist's daily accumulation of dreams took the form of a book ~  Dromen

And last but not least: kilo Translations present two chapters from Tip Marugg's novel De morgen loeit weer aan translated to Spanish as La mañana volvió a bramar. Alberto Morreo, writer, bibliophile, collector and good friend of kilo, proposed this translation project. This collaboration led to the shifting of the boundaries between the imagined, the remembered, and the desired .

To find out more about the project, you can visit Shimmer's Sunday Morning With… program on February 11th, where kilo Translations will share readings from a selection of their translations and will open a dialogue on multilingual living, exploring how both the shared elements and radical differences between languages contribute to fostering community connections.

About Itziar Okariz on our website.

kilo Translations = amongst others: Isabel Marcos (DAI, 2013)