An amazing chance to see Leon Filter’s (DAI, 2018 graduate and longstanding DAI tutor Curating Positions) ) newly published book MUMMYTHEDADDY at an upcoming presentation in the Laboratory for Art and Research, Cologne. The evening will be held with our dearest alum Valentina Curandi (DAI, 2017). MUMMYTHEDADDY is a collection of personal anecdotes and written images that explore paternal relationships, inherited memories and experiences with familiar roles. Through stories of military service, dementia, and monsters, the author reflects on the complexities of family histories. By examining how we remember and forget, Leon's book emphasises the contributions of narratives in shaping our understanding of how intergenerational dynamics form, and proposes to reshape roles within dependency relationships. The performative reading will take place on Nov 17, 2023.

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Leon Filter (D, 1988; he/him) is an artist and researcher working with performative reading, drawing, video and publishing. In his practice, he examines conditions as well as historical and political implications of personal narratives, often in collaborative forms. His research’s practical and theoretical concern for anecdotal knowledge and the connections it allows is influenced by documentary, essayistic and performative filmic practices, specifically under the aspects of pedagogy, authorship and unfitness.

Valentina Curandi (I/D, 1980; she/her) is an art practitioner with an experimental approach to text and performance. Her latest artistic proposition narrates the steps and actions needed to leave her body of immaterial work to a nonhuman entity after death. She is the new Ph.D. candidate in Artistic Research Practice with MERIAN in Maastricht, and her research focuses on death management in the field of artistic practice.

The Laboratory for Art and Research:

Giulia Crispiani (DAI, 2017) brilliant book's review for Nero Editions:

Order the book and follow Leon's "Life after DAI" via his website