Clementine Edwards (DAI, 2018) writes us: "I'm thinking about the different ways that violence and love and trauma are inherited, communicated and reiterated, and I'm writing on the second day of the ICJ hearing against Israel, brought to the international court of justice by South Africa. SA has invoked the genocide convention, asking the ICJ to issue Israel provisional measures ordering ceasefire. On Sunday I'm showing a new video in Rotterdam. This video is not about that, but for sure what's going on in my world makes its way into my work. ~ Toxic Inheritances (2024) tells stories of white phosphorus. Light-bearing and brutally hot, white phosphorus is pyrophoric, meaning it combusts on contact with air. The new video considers the role of inheritance and storytelling in human-chemical relations and grammars of the (super)natural. It is a deepening of my studio exploration around the subject, and a sort of fictionalised sketch of a 'family tree' for the chemical substance. " Toxic Inheritances 14 January, 3-6pm WET Film, Hillevliet 90, 3074 KD Rotterdam (3rd floor via stairs on the left-hand side when you enter) ~ video runs for approx 6 minutes & it will loop~

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Sound design by Maoyi Qiu, quotes from Joe Miranda and Andrea Sella, professor, inorganic chemistry, 
funding from CBK Rotterdam, and support from Cannach MacBride, Marta Hryniuk and WET
And more news from Clem: 
Residency & public event
February 2024
Art Books China & Oneiro Space
Dongcheng, Beijing
residency / public event
In February I'll realise my childhood dream of living in a Beijing hutong (!) on residency with Oneiro Space, which is run in the context of Art Books China. During my month in Beijing I'll think into toxic inheritances and gender (as an inheritance) and, v broadly, how it materialises architecturally, residually on the streets(trashhh), and in language. 
15 March - 15 April 2024
Also on Toxic Inheritances, particularly thinking about biological family, language and inheritance. 
Exhibition & public event 
Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial @ Lisbon Design Museum & Royal Treasure Museum, Porto
Curated by the Portuguese Association for Contemporary Jewellery (talk curated by Patricia Domingues & Monica Gaspar, exhibition also curated by them + Marta Costa Reis)
Showing Riceland & Copperland (below) in the exhibition Madrugada and giving a new talk in a colloquium about 'political jewellery and jewellery of power'.