Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu) ~ Keywords: anarchitect, trans(re)lating, somatechnics, minor m(/M)ovement, situatedness, sonic speculation, spatial deviation, relational soundscape.

Coming from an architecture background (BA, Shangdong University, 2016) Maoyi obtained a Master in Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute in 2022. They work with text, sound, video, and performance on topics related to critical spatial practices and somatechnologies.Their research spans queer migration and feminist somatic practice, alternative space-making in East Asia and Southeast Asia and they organize social investigative projects around censorship systems. They often transform writing into audio-visual essays to deliver poetic relations to political urgencies with affective speculation. Working between silence, speech, and music, they stage and pose questions around transparency and opacity, becoming invisible and speaking up, camouflage and assemblage.

Maoyi are a founding member of the queer feminist collective Q-Space (2016-.....) in Beijing, China. They were a presenter and organiser at the International Queer Archive Conference ALMS(Berlin), 2019 and a guest writer for Subtropical Asia (Shanghai).


Learn more about Maoyi's written MA thesis (DAI, 2022): Text(ure) Relation to the Limit of an Arrival.

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