December 2-3 ~ Join the amazing Jules Petru Fricker (DAI, 2020) and others for Infinity Rug, ALL-NIGHT SONIC SEANCE ~ hosted by SAVVY ~ Infinity Rug offers a moment where sound, collective learning and intimate care come together to forge a space of togetherness. You are invited to bring your own rug to contribute to a rug-constellation. Lay down and get cosy together, drift off together. Bringing the domestic to the public realm, to tentatively explore new ways of being-together and offer a space for reflection, rejuvenation and introspection.

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Through the evening of Saturday, 02.12., until the morning of Sunday, 03.12., we will gently guide you through a soundscape of field recordings, ambient, experiment and deep-mind music, interwoven with ceremonial performances, texts and poetry, scents, textiles and food offerings.

infinity rug is a sonic-seance initiated by marum and lou drago.

There are a few key pieces of information to keep in mind:
Firstly, there will be an opening window from 18h–20h in which you can arrive, and there will be a dinner served during this time. After that, no late admissions will be accepted. We will have two spaces activated during the night. On the resonance floor, we wish to instigate a non-verbal spell as a way of exploring the myriad other ways in which we can attune with the sound and each other. Underground, in the cave of murmurs, a space inhabited by playful entities throughout the night, and there it will be possible to speak verbally for those who wish to – sadly this lower space is not wheelchair accessible. Still, the rest of the space will be. We will have DGS interpreters during the dinner and initial welcome.

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