Iliada Charalambous ~ Keywords: gathering, collective process, multiplicities, assembly, solidarity networks, counterpower, potentiality, resistance, prefgurative politics, collaboration

Iliada Charalambous is a visual artist whose current work is focused on assemblism.

Rooted in the thought that either directly or indirectly politics affects our individual lives, her work usually fnds its origins in current social and political events
approached through a personal perspective. Charalambous, currently works with the idea of dialogue and citizen assembly as a form of counter-action to the fractured environment shaped by state politics. She works in a variety of collaborative constellations to creates spaces for individuals or groups to meet and share 
ideas, perspectives, methods and tools for collective organising and stories about the infuence of politics on everyday life and potential forms of resistance.

She has graduated in 2016 from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, and has since then shown her work and organised assemblies and gatherings at Stroom Den Haag, Nest ruimte voor kunst, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, Casco Art Institute – Working for the Commons. Iliada Charalambous is a 2023/2024 Fellow within the BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice post-academic program.



Learn more about Iliada Charalambous' 20 minute performance meet weave become for WHERE THE MOON IS UP ~ DAI's Aeroponic Acts, July 2023 at Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy.

Learn more about Iliada Charalambous' written MA thesis (DAI, 2023): The Political Potential and Limitation of Democratic Assembly

Iliada Charalambous was the esteemed 2022-2023 Chair of the COUNCIL, DAI's consultative student body.

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