The cheapest meat, commonly sold as a 'whole chicken’, provides the most common image of headlessness. In “Headflesh” the animal decapitates itself, but its wound is thriving and becomes a motor for movement. As a post-gender cyborg, genetically altered and abundantly multiplied, the chick/en/hen turns against the nuclear Oedipal family. Iga Śśćk (DAI, 2022) presents this performance, in collaboration with Miiel Ferráez (DAI, 2021) and commissioned by Tanz im August festival as a part of a parkour series "Interconnecting Dance & Ecology", on the final day of the festival (26.08.2023) in the Volskpark Rehberge, (sharp 14.00).

| tag: Berlin

Concept Iga Śśćk
Performance Iga Śśćk with Miiel Ferráez
Sound Miiel Ferráez, Iga Śśćk