Lucas Lugarinho Braga ~ Keywords: emulation painting, video game studies, computer vision, imaginary materialism, internet lurking

Lucas Lugarinho (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) produces videogames and paintings as an effort to rethink our affection and mutualistic relationship with images. By exploring the feedback loop between culture, technology and ecology, the artist steers through digital landscapes of subculture imageboards, buried blogs and over-attended videos in order to connect which modes of bonding with abstractions that have emerged from the systematic reinforcement of the past century’s telecommunications revolution over our lives. With an emphasis on how queer and subaltern imaginations embody alternative and revolutionary modes of relating to images, his works aspire to explore the insurgent political and ecological implications of communities mediated through screens.




Learn more about Lucas Lugarinho Braga's 20 minute performance Pacifier for WHERE THE MOON IS UP ~ DAI's Aeroponic Acts, July 2023 at Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy.

Learn more about Lucas Lugarinho Braga's written MA thesis (DAI, 2023): After Imagination

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