April Chronicle by Cornelia Isaksson.

| tag: St.Erme



R U 

(Ages undeterminable)


Setting: FLO, VI, and RU are sitting side by side on stage, facing front. They engage in a conversation about form as content.


FLO: (whispering) Ru, have you ever pondered the intricacies of form as content?

RU: (whispering) Indeed, the very essence of formalist theater.

FLO: (leaning closer, whispers in RU's ear) Ah, the structure of the stage, the shaping of narratives, all manifesting meaning.

RU: (nodding, intrigued) The interplay between form and content, shaping our perception and interpretation.

FLO: (smiling) Such artistic endeavors truly defy gravity, don't they?


(VI enters from the right. FLO and RU resume their composed pose, facing front. VI sits on the right.)


VI: (breaking the silence) Ah, the memories of our collective exploration.

RU: (whispering) Our minds intricately entwined with formalist thought.

VI: (nodding knowingly) The harmonious union of structure and meaning, how it resonates within us.

FLO: (leans toward VI, whispers in VI's ear) Oh!

VI: (appalled, looking at FLO) Is she unaware of the profound discussions we've been having?

FLO: (motioning for silence) Let's keep it between us, for now.

(FLO exits to the left. RU and VI maintain their posed silence.)

RU: (whispering) Vi.

VI: (responding) Yes?

RU: Contemplating FLO's perception of form as content, what are your observations?

VI: I perceive continuity in her understanding. (RU moves to the center seat, whispers in VI's ear) OH!

RU: (astounded, looking at VI) Does she not realize?

VI: (placing a finger to her lips) Let us hope she remains oblivious for now.

(FLO enters. RU and VI turn back to face front. FLO sits on the left.)

FLO: (whispering) How our hands connect, it's like the essence of structured theater unfolding.

VI: (whispering) Symbolic gestures embodying the very heart of our discourse.

(FLO exits to the left. RU and VI maintain their posed silence.)

VI: (whispering) Flo.

FLO: (responding) Yes?

VI: Reflecting on RU's interpretation of form as content, what do you make of it?

FLO: Illuminating insights from a formalist perspective. (VI moves to the center seat, whispers in FLO's ear) Astounding!

VI: (taken aback, looking at FLO) Does she not grasp the depths of her own observations?

FLO: (gesturing for silence) Let us preserve her innocence, for now.

(RU enters. VI and FLO turn back to face front. RU sits on the right.)

RU: (breaking the silence) Shall we reminisce about the aesthetic endeavors of the past? (Silence.) The profound transformations that followed? (Silence.) Might we reconnect through the expressive power of form?

(After a moment, they join hands in a pattern symbolising their shared understanding of formalist principles.)

FLO: The touch of our hands, a testament to the interplay of form and content.