May Chronicle by Noam Youngrak Son.

| tag: Salina

How can we structurally and performatively diffuse the heroic symbol, or the state of autopoiesis, away from the tower?

If we branch out recursively from a tower, the tower is no longer a tower but a tree.

Or, like a parasitic flatworm making the antenna of an infected snail flamboyant and pulsating, we will move on to our next host as the flashing antenna attracts birds to eat the snail.

The island is a sympoietic archive. The descendants of sea witches fabulate Fata Morgana. Wheat publishes – in other words, populates, and breeds – through ergot. The leaky assemblage of collective desires turns into the creation myth, where a weeping goddess fertilizes the ground that the height of the tower depends on. We sat around in the wind and rain to listen to her anecdotes.