DAI Confluence 1 ~ PAF, St. Erme, France

The video shows "La mer a toujours raison", the prelude to and rehearsal at PAF (on a rainy day) for a work later to be presented during UNDERSTORY CHANT.  Piece and rehearsal were composed and directed by Alexandra Duvekot (DAI, 2021) and Rosa Ronsdorf (DAI, 2021). The DAI Week of July 2021 was marked by an unprecedented hardship. Eighteen of the students present at PAF, had to stay put in self-isolation inside of the PAF premises, for an extended period of time, in order to contain the further spreading of Covid-19 among DAI & PAF communities and beyond. "La mer a toujours raison" is their legacy of resilience through art & collaboration - to which we now dedicate the November 2023 Confluence.

Wednesday 22 November,

a coach organised by the DAI will depart to St. Erme, a tiny village in the North of France On its way it will make two stops; allowing all students (incoming and returning students) to get on board. 

14:00 Rotterdam (Central Station) (exact location for "Kiss and Ride" will come to you in a mail)

16:00 Brussel Zaventem (airport, bus & train station) (exact location for "Kiss and Ride" will come to you in a mail).

Brussel and Rotterdam can both be reached by train (best option in terms of footprint) and by several other means of transportation.

Arrival in St.Erme around 20:00.

Jacq van der Spek and Kastė Šeškevičiūte will duly inform you via mail about further practicalities around travel and lodging at PAF as well as the functioning of the BBS fund. 

Please make sure to timely arrange your travel, so that you can meet us  in Rotterdam or Brussel. We expect all of you to join us on board of the coach. We will not refund unnecessary tickets. If, from your location, it is much cheaper to travel directly to St. Erme, via Paris or otherwise, we kindly ask you to contact Jacq ASAP.


Wednesday 22 November:

Arrival of incoming (above) & returning students

Distribution of rooms & beds.

Dinner for all at PAF

Thursday 23 November:

Welcome Ceremony


General Introduction Roaming Academy


Arrival COOP & HTDTWT tutors 

Friday 24 November:
COOP study groups & HowToDoThingsWithTheory ~ introduction

Dinner Theory tutors

Saturday 25 November:

COOP study groups & HowToDoThingsWithTheory ~ introduction

Student dinner with Wanderley Santos

General Tutor dinner

Sunday 26 November: COOP study groups & HowToDoThingsWithTheory ~ close(r) encounters

Dinner COOP tutors 

Arrival Rik Fernhout

Monday 27 November:
WEAVER ~ introduction
+ Q & A all things DAI

Arrival Giulia Damiani, Renan Laru-an, Elisa Giuliani.

In the evening Giulia will present a brief introduction to her


Tuesday 28 November:
THE KITCHEN                                                                                                                 

Wednesday 29 November:
departure all by coach to Brussels (Rotterdam to be confirmed)