Alexandra Duvekot ~ Keywords: river, plant orchestra, sister, lover, Ottawa, Amsterdam, Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort, sonic witch, whale, cello, choir, voice, rain, dier, collective, island, chaosmos, source

Alexandra Duvekot (DAI, 2021) is an Amsterdam based artist & musician, committed to the music label Meduse MagiQ,a community for musicians by musicians.



Learn more about Alexandra Duvekot's 20 minute performance ( together with Rosa Ronsdorf) Sonic Witch for UNDERSTORY CHANT ~ Aeroponic Acts 2021, August 2021 in Arnhem. 

Learn more about Alexandra Duvekot's written MA thesis: Laying in a Field of Resonance: A Voyage Through Sonic Landscapes

Follow Alexandra's "life after DAI" through Instagram