Ros del Olmo ~ Keywords: transpoetics, habitabilities, mis-spelling, critical genealogies, El Ebrancado, deflexion, story dehiscence, a lingual question?, collective writing

Ros Del Olmo (any pronouns) are a writer trained as journalist and graduated in Humanities in Madrid. They link their inquiry on habitable spaces with transdisciplinary research around the ruralities in Spain, as part of Plataforma BajoTeja, an art mediation platform based in Ávila, where they co-direct the creative writing residency Conejillo de Verano.

They have been involved in collaborative radio making with the collective Las Urracas, and their poems have been taken several forms through a multiplicity of voices and have been published in various anthologies and magazines, including Iowa Literaria.

Here and there, Ros enjoy taking part in collective performances about time, regimes of visibility, queer movements, and else.




Learn more about Ros del Olmo's 20 minute performance A chamber for the softest thing for WHERE THE MOON IS UP ~ DAI's Aeroponic Acts, July 2023 at Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy. 

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