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Saturday, June 17 ~ 22:30 - 23:30

Location: Nida, Lithuania. Address: Nida Art Colony (NAC VAA), E. A. Jonušo g. 3, 93127 Nida

COOP study group Publishing Practices: Textauralities, Oralitures, Corpoliteracies presents:

How can we diffuse a heroic symbol, or the state of autopoiesis, exemplified by the tower?

If we branch out recursively from a tower, a tower is no longer a tower but a tree.

Or, like a parasitic flatworm turning the antenna of an infected snail, flamboyant and pulsating, we will move on to our next host as the flashing antenna attracts birds to eat the snail.

Mirages are not only horizontal. The Fata Morgana is a complex form of superior mirage visible in a narrow band right, that rises vertically above the horizon. A mirage can thus be a tower of levitating matter.

A tower is the fabulated projection of a collective desire.

A tower is a tree; a built forest to hold billions of grains of desert sand.

A tower is the parasited antenna of a snail that infects the world.

A tower is a structure built by people to be inhabited by others. Life will eventually make a ruin of it. How much can be uncovered regarding the circumstances of its construction?

Can a play re-tell the tumultuous timelines unfolding on its stacked levels? 

Combining verbal and non-verbal languages, NIGHTTIME SCREAMING/DAYTIME WHISPERING will explore the tower’s creation myths in relation to the notion of publishing. What do we choose to make public and what to keep secret when encountering different forms of knowledge? 

Contributors: Celeste Perret, Clara von Schantz, Cornelia Isaksson, Francesca Pionati, Ioli Kavakou, Noam Youngrak Son, Sille Kima, Zoé Couppé.

Tutor Team: Mayra A. Rodríguez Castro, Emanuela Maltese, Chiara Figone

Educational Partner: Archive. 

Commisioner & facilitator: DAI Roaming Academy.

More information on the yearlong trajectory of COOP study group Publishing Practices:Textauralities, Oralitures, Corpoliteracies can be found here

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