COOP SUMMIT 2023: Li Li Ko Ko Fəstival of 100 Centers

Friday, June 16 ~ 17:00 – 18:30

Multiple departure locations near the Nida beachside: 55°18'09.7"N 20°58'33.5"E  / 55°18'05.6"N 20°58'41.5"E / 55°18'03.7"N 20°58'46.9"E


Do you recall the high of being surrounded by people, moving, clashing, doing, listening to each other, resting, waiting for something? Learning decolonial relations of interdependence is a process of multiple paths, and those we undertook on our COOP over the past year root in the materiality of inequalities and privilege, and the promise of substituting the paralysis of imaginations with the plurality of desires.

Indeed, unraveling the colonial skein can be done only by stubbornly committing to the labor of scraping the layers that segregate and rank subjectivities, cultures, and practices. Under these promises, collecting each other’s fantasies like prefigurative echoes of the societies we want to cultivate, Li Li Ko Ko Fəstival of 100 Centers is a radiation of practices that question stereotypes of what is celebratory, normal or deviant, comforting or threatening, developed or underdeveloped. 

Contributors: Astrée Duval, Chloë Janssens,  Cristina Ramos, Dalia Maini, Elif Cadoux, Federica Nicastro, Kıvanç Sert, Nagham Abu Assaf, Shaza Omran, Yi-Hong Wang.

Tutor team: Akinbode Akinbiyi, Sagal Farah, Billy Fowo 

Educational partner: SAVVY Contemporary.

Commisioner & facilitator: DAI Roaming Academy.

More information on the yearlong trajectory of COOP study group UNRAVELING THE (UNDER-)DEVELOPMENT COMPLEX can be found here

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