RIB congralulates The Soupspoon Collective ! Pitchaya Ngamcharoen (DAI, 2018), Raffia Li (DAI, 2021), Maoyi Qiu (DAI, 2022) Miyoung Chang (DAI, 2022), and Dakota Guo (DAI, 2022) proposed an eat-out business at Rib with opening hours in the early morning and late night when other shops and restaurants are closed. During these opening hours, they will invite neighboring residents to come in and hang out and eat. As they described it, “Taking advantage of customer-host relationships, and the missing gap between venues’ opening hours, we aim to generate discussions around non-linear time and temporalities as correspondence to The Last Terminal: Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse.” (At this point no date has been announced, but DAI is excited to learn and publish more).

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Based in Rotterdam, The Soupspoon Collective “attempts to cultivate a common, contextualized space for the particularities that elude translation, [and] it aims to convene a generative forum of “minor gestures” and “micro politics.”

Pitchaya Ngamcharoun

Raffia Li

Maoyi Qiu

Miyoung Chang

Dakota Guo