Nico Alexandroff

Nico Alexandroff is a spatial practitioner, educator, curator, and PhD researcher at the Royal College of Art, London. Nico's practice explores the entangled relationships between social sciences and earth system science and their implications on the built environment.

Nico articulates the research through art direction, curation, film production, exhibitions, writing, and fabrication, placing a strong emphasis on the agency of representation. Nico’s work has been exhibited in Glasgow, Prague, Seoul, Karlsruhe, Edinburgh and London, and has written texts for multiple institutions and publications.

‍Nico was a member of The Terraforming at the Strelka Institute and part of the team that developed the project titled ‘Future Premium’. He was also a research fellow at Design Akademie Saaleck and has been a material researcher at Imperial College London, working with spatial practitioners and artists; Cooking Sections.

Nico’s PhD research focused on Arctic positive feedback loops, mapping their relation to dispirit parts of the planet and challenging narratives of ‘site’ and ‘extreme’. Alongside this, Nico works for the Foundation for the International Committee of the Red Cross as a curator for their new Art and Innovation Initiative.

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Svitlana Lavrenchuk joined the DAI-Week of May 2023 (Salina) as a guest tutor for DAI's 2022-23 COOP study group – FOREST AS IMAGE AND INFRASTRUCTURE Exploited, Assembled, Constructed, Protected, Cared for – Projections, Relations, Definitions – Forest Operational Images.