Syllabus 2023-2024

DAI's MA in Art Praxis study trajectory is fully accredited. It offers students four distinctive curriculum components. First and second year students are required to take part in all four of them and, in general, will study together during all DAI Confluences.

During DAI Confluence 1 which took place at PAF in St. Erme in November 2023, DAI's Faculty 2023-2024 introduced both the formal as well as the curatorial framework for all theory seminars, COOP study groups, 'Kitchens', WEAVER and it's 'student leds' (including all corresponding methods of 'working together') to the returning and the incoming students.

In this syllabus you will read more both about the formal aspects of study with DAI as well as be guided towards the actual (curated) content of the four defining Curriculum Components in the academic year 2023-2024.


But before going there there you are advised to have a look at our GLOSSARY, designed to help you understand the terminology and concepts used in our descriptions.


1.COOP study groups:

COOPs formal framework 2023-2024  

COOP's curatorial framework 2023-2024

2.How To Do Things With Theory

HTDTWT's formal framework 2023-2024  

HTDTWT's curatorial framework 2023-2024

3. The Kitchen

The Kitchen's formal framework 2023-2024 

The Kitchen's curatorial framework 2023-2024 


Weaver's formal framework 2023-2024 

Weaver's curatorial framework 2023-2024