DAI's MA in Art Praxis study trajectory offers our students 4 distinctive curriculum components. The students are required to take part in all 4 of them:

1.COOP study groups

2. How To do Things With Theory 

3. Planetary Campus

4. Weaver (described on this page)

Weaver's Curatorial Framework:

Weavers, be they birds, textile workers or art writers, go by twisting and turning while combining particles, yarn or words into a whole. They create structure and make sense by interlacing.   

Weaver 2.0 asks students to reflect on their growth and development during five of the DAI Confluences ( including the introduction, excluding the COOP SUMMIT and the Final Kitchens and the AEROPONIC ACTS) by means of five comprehensive, tentatively, written personal reports on how the DAI Week under scrutiny, impacted their thinking and their research. Ideally the texts glue together self-evaluation and a student's DAI Week log, diary or notebook.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Weaver's Formal Framework:

2023-2024 ECTS first year:                                                  

Weaver reports: 5 - 140 hours

Factory: 3 - 56 hours

Roaming Assembly: 1 - 28 hours

2023- 2024 ECTS second year:

Weaver reports: 4 -  112 hours

Factory: 2 - 56 hours

Roaming Assembly: 0.5 - 14 hours

Alumni Embassy & Life after DAI: 1.5 - 42 hours

Weaver reports: Self-study with task

After each of the 5 DAI Confluences the Weaver report will be entrusted to the Weaver Team which consist of the Head of Program, the two Education Leaders and the Study Trajectory Coordinator. It is this team that will oversee the totality of each student's study process and will offer guidance when navigating the different, yet interlinked curriculum components poses difficulties.  

Factory: Student led activities

Roaming Assembly: Public Symposia

Alumni Embassy & Life after DAI: Personal webpage

Testing: formative.

Pass or fail - to be accredited by the Weaver Team on an annual basis. 

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