2022-2023 ~ Factory 2.0: BAM BAM BAKING

MARCH 6, 2023

Led by Cristina Ramos González

When: 17:00 – 19:00

Location: TBA

What do you do? 
Which materials do you work with? 
Oh, so would you define your practice as research-based...?
Intimate questions as much as which is the brand of your underwear, but a starting point nonetheless for others to get to know you.
Coming straight out (and hot hot hot) from the wonders of non-extractivist curiosity, this is a space for us to gather and show / talk / mumble about our practice choosing one (or more) work, project, process.
Collaborations might happen out of this exchange, non-organised conversations or bibliography.
Participations will happen one after the other following a random list I will provide.
Each participant has around 10 min to talk.
No feedback afterwards or commentary inside this oven.
Although some people has registered already (thank you) walk-ins are welcome. 
Let's get burned.


This student initiative is facilitated by DAI by making it part of the syllabus 2022-2023 and by providing space and time for gathering. It is embedded in the curriculum component Factory 2.0 and participation is credited with ECTS.