Svitlana Lavrenchuk

Svitlana’s work investigates the cultural meanings, representations and values of soil and forests across agricultural societies at the frontline of the climate collapse. 

Her research crosscuts the fields of spatial practice, environmental humanities, visual culture, contemporary art and critical legal studies. Svitlana has collaborated with civil society organizations, international lawyers, scientists, NGOs and journalists to develop research projects dedicated to environmental justice advocacy. 

Svitlana took part in investigations on behalf of diverse groups for which she has produced advocacy videos, interactive maps and evidence files, and held participatory workshops with a wide range of audiences.

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Svitlana Lavrenchuk joined the DAI-Weeks of March (PAF, St.Erme) & May (Salina) 2023 as a guest tutor for DAI's 2022-23 COOP study group – FOREST AS IMAGE AND INFRASTRUCTURE Exploited, Assembled, Constructed, Protected, Cared for – Projections, Relations, Definitions – Forest Operational Images.