January Chronicle by Elif Cadoux and Astrée Duval.

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We fermented and dug, we read and unravelled. We had eddys of conversation that repeated and swirled and opened to new streams. We asked what it would be to be intoxicated with post-development, and, as Glissant says, tremble with the world. We danced and counted aloud. We fermented too tightly, held in the potential energy of eleven vegetable bombs. We set dinner on fire. We made noise, a lot of noise. Noise that evaded language. Noise that was not a tool or a weapon, but a bottle or a bag. 

"One of the entries in this glossary is heroism, defined as "botulism." And hero, in Woolf's dictionary, is "bottle." The hero as bottle, a stringent reevaluation. I now propose the bottle as hero. Not just the bottle of gin or wine, but bottle in its older sense of container in general, a thing that holds something else."

- Ursula Le Guin, The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

This website chronicle is one of many bottles, incorrectly fermented, that could, perhaps, blow. 

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Screenshot III from http://www.ifwetremble.xyz/ developed by Elif Cadoux & Astrée Duval. January 2023.