January Chronicle by Clara von Schantz and Zoé Couppé.

| tag: Lithuania
6 days in Nida 
12 person
the sea
the dune

Like we were whispering to each other
The closer we could think to Whose stories need to be told ? 

Clara: Last edit was seconds ago!
Zoé: yes, because then you are disrupted - not chronological - writing without authority or logical endings - to be willing to die over and over again? 

Clara: could be, abandon experiences - reincarnated - all at once and none at all - never addressed but still internalized - to be unidentified.
Zoé: thinking about having to live again – happenstance as fragments to go to - forward in process?

      a decision
      a timeline
      a collection
      a living structure
      generational (?)
      past, present, future

Clara: maybe it’s about necessity, urgency, advocacy, attention, abundance, light, exposure, render - resilience because the tactics continue to change…
Zoé: I would say forever delayed – motorcycle fantasists, theatre devoters, church goers, punk rockers. Ongoing and cyclic, in constant editing, live streamed and taken aback again.