TO THOSE WHO CAN IMAGINE ~ On the artist Gluklya’s artistic practice and exhibition “To those who have no time to play” ~ This is the first part of an essay by our alumna, the curator and writer Anna Bitkina (DAI, 2018) published by the fantastic NERO magzine. "The video installation in the yurt, Gulmira’s Fairy Tales, performed by Kyrgyz actress Gulmira Tursunbaeva, could be interpreted as a collective historical and contemporary female voice of Kyrgyzstan. Its narratives include parts of biographies and dream fragments of Dinara, Rakhat, Zaina and Samira collected by Gluklya through a number of personal encounters with the seamstresses during her trip to Bishkek. Disrupting their automated and zombified 15-17 hours daily working routine, Gluklya conducted a series of listening and creative sessions with them in order to abstract women from their reality and to make space in their minds and working schedule for play, dreams and imagination. The results of these collective creations are presented in the yurt in the form of textile zoomorphic and angel-like creatures." Find the link to the full text here.