Franceska Hawker

Francesca Hawker (UK) is an artist living in Brussels. She works with performance, poetry, sound and text, each of these components flowing playfully into the other. She explores what is at stake for queer and feminist practices of fantasy and play in the face of the neoliberal drive for productivity. Through performance and through the lens of comedy and slapstick, she investigates what language can do when unhampered by the need to be useful. Recent exhibitions & events include Cracking Up and Staging Down: Tickle and Tackle Stand Up at Caberet Voltaire in Zurich, and a post-residency performance at Q-02's, an arts laboratory for experimental music and sound art in Brussels.


Learn more about Fran Hawker's 20 minute presentation Dear Bjork, for the AEROPONIC ACTS 2020 - DAI's 3 day lectures marathon at Radio Kootwijk, August 2020. 

Learn more about Fran Hawker's written MA thesis (DAI, 2020): Laughing Out Loud: The Comedic Maintenance of Communal Fantasy

Follow Francesca's "Life after DAI" through her website