Malina Suleiman

Malina Suliman (1990) is an artist from Kabul. 

Due to political and security concerns, Suliman had to leave Afghanistan. She now lives in the Netherlands, where she obtained her MFA from the Dutch Art Institute / ArtEZ University of the Arts in 2015. About her work as graffiti artist back in Afghanistan: 'Practically, my street art works were made in no more than 3 minutes, so not to risk my personal safety. Street art was thus not about beauty, it was about symbolic work as well as performance. Being a woman in Afghanistan standing in front of a public wall, spraying it in order to open dialogue and to stand for her rights, was already a performance in itself. Moreover, the wall standing with its message on it would be performing as well, every day on.'


Learn more about Malina Suleiman’s 20 minute presentation How far is the reach of the paternalistic? for Do The Right Thing! - DAI's 3 day marathon of acts, lectures and performances of July 2015 in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Learn more about Malina Suleiman's written MA thesis (DAI, 2015)My identity: or what does culture have to do with it?

Follow Malina's "Life after DAI" ~ here a recent (2023) instagram post from De Fabriek in Eindhoven: step in the arena