2022-2023 ~ Factory 2.0: Tying knots: Imaginary Bonds

Tying knots is research sessions seeking new forms and connections for our bodies with the outside surroundings. How do we form or exist in space and how we can modify it? Here we are using ROPE as a connection material where ties are used to attach different objects and our bodies. How and Why do we tie things? 

By Tying knots, we will look through relationships between object-object and human-object or human-human. Each node thrown introduces a new boundary and limit. Some call it fantasies, some see it as a design decision, maybe research, or just a pleasure.

JANUARY 20, 2023

Led by Kıvanç Sert

When: 11:30 – 13:00

Location: NAC, Conference Room

here we are again, there are my imaginary ropes                                        with me.

no more borders, just close your eyes

                                                                                        objects create real boundaries

this is a chair, as an ideological object that shaped us.

                                      who controls us? there are no ropes 



Georgia Lunch Air Guitar World Championships 2018


John Lennon - Imagine (Live at Madison Square Garden, New York 1972)


Ian Curtis Dancing// (Joy Division - Digital) 



*logistical reasons we are going to work with imaginary ropes. ( lucky <3)
**as a research method* imaginary knots/forms/bond
***no ropes// still erotic

- -re-form & re-connect & re-think- - + or just fun


NOVEMBER 21, 2022

Tying knots: Creating Bonds (TKCB)

Led by Kıvanç Sert

When: 20:30 – 22:30

Location: De Lommerd

*Do expect, some games&ropes a bit talks about pleasure & desire, erotism & pornography, body and politics, and anti-design and rope.

**Don’t expect BDSM(still erotic, as life is erotic), no perfect rope & tie technics (If you know some, you can share it)

***Bring some ropes (jute or cotton is preferable) with you, and receive some surprises. (there will be some ropes, more ropes mean more fun) 

**** https://youtu.be/ogypBUCb7DA +  https://youtu.be/6vg9a33sHYE

- -re-form & re-connect & re-think- -


This student initiative is facilitated by DAI by making it part of the syllabus 2022-2023 and by providing space and time for gathering. It is embedded in the curriculum component Factory 2.0 and participation is credited with ECTS.