How is the DAI funded ?


The Dutch Art Institute a.k.a. DAI Roaming Academy a.k.a. DAI Art Praxis offers an MA at the intersections of art (as a broad spectrum of practices) and theory, embedded in a critical research culture and with study by means of performance, reading, writing, voicing, making, listening, curating, commoning & conviviality as our modus operandi.

Dutch Universities fall under the responsibility of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The Government has delegated the governance of all degree programs to University boards. DAI is formally affiliated with the ArtEZ University of the Arts. The executive board of ArtEZ decides annually about the sum of the institutional tuition fees across the University as well as the division of budgets among all entities.

The Dutch Ministry of Education is the main funder of public education in the Netherlands. Second stream of income are the tuition fees paid by the students. Other than those two sources of income, universities at large or specific programs can aim for Third Stream Funding to cover special projects, facilities or trajectories. 

Universities are not created for making profit, eventual reserve assets need to be invested in better (conditions for) education. At the ArtEZ University of the Arts, control is exercised by the Supervisory Board, while the Participation Council is invited to give input. Annual reports are made available to the public.

For further reading about DAI's interaction with the larger institutional framework you can visit this page.

How is the DAI funded?

70 - 75% Seed Funding from the Ministry of Education (re-distributed by ArtEZ University of the Arts).

20 - 25% Tuition Fees (installed, collected and re-distributed by ArtEZ University of the Arts).

Approx 5% Other Income / Third Stream = DAI's Bread, Bed & Solidarity Student Fund (collected by DAI & fully expended on student's boarding and lodging).


100% annual budget

Please note that 26% of the total sum of the annual Seed Funding + Tuition Fees is structurally used by ArtEZ University of the Arts to cover costs for what has been coined as overriding institutional "services" - all organised and steered by the university at large (learn more here). The remainder of the sum of Seed Funding + Tuition Fees is available for the DAI's annual budget by means of which the entire program (including facilitation)is sustained.  "Other Income / Third Stream" is exempted from this obligatory contribution to ArtEZ and ads in its full capacity to the spendable budget of the DAI in regard to student's boarding, lodging and some (not all) travel costs.

Enrolment at the DAI is exclusively possible via the ArtEZ University of the Arts. After being admitted by the Admissions Committee of the DAI you will have to register digitally at the national website Studielink in order to enrol with ArtEZ. This implies that as a student you are bound to pay tuition to the ArtEZ Univerity of the Arts.