Liza Rinkema Rapuš ~ Keywords: embodiment – ecology – perception – materiality – memory - situated and somatic knowledge - re-membering – voicing as worlding - response-ability - fiction - oral storytelling - new materialism - sonic transmissions - opacity - resonance - roo/outes

Liza Rinkema Rapuš (NL/SI) is a writer and artist/ic researcher based in Berlin. She works with language, sound and performance to evoke speculative embodiments that are sensitized towards the nonlinear and embedded in nonhuman ecologies. She works from an understanding of the body and its socio-ecological entanglements as a site of research and resistance against affects of linear progression, extractivism and ownership. She is deeply invested in theory-making as a collective and performative endeavour, especially around the themes of embodied literacy, cultural trauma, socio- ecologies and storytelling.

Until recently Liza was part of artistic research collective Gaia’s Machine, with whom she developed collaborative methodologies to artistically think through issues regarding climate emergency. Together they published the publication ‘Into Polyphonies Unknown’ ( and facilitated the workshop called ‘You are My Lifeline, in this Lifetime’ (

Liza also became member of the advisory board of APRIA, platform for research interventions of the arts, after contributing to their journal with a text on (non)human historytelling and geological imagination.



Learn more about Liza Rinkema Rapuš' written MA thesis (DAI, 2022): re-member - re-articulate - re-world

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