Ioana Lupascu ~ Keywords: play, intimacy, facilitating & hosting & feeding, social choreography, letter writing, walking practices, poetics of space, graphic form, soundscape, movement & performance, urban ecology, mis(use)

Ioana Lupascu (1989, RO) graduated with a Master in Architecture (UAUIM, 2014), followed by a training in urban play design (Trust in Play, 2019) and a Master in Art Praxis at Dutch Art Institute (2022). They enjoy crafting work that encourages critical thinking and playful interactions, with a strong focus on process, making and methodology. This often leads to (co)producing: audio-walks, texts, publications, performative art installation, movement sessions, and workshops. Ioana is currently exploring the topic of intimacy, constraints, desire and fragmentation.


Learn more about Ioana Lupascu's written MA thesis (DAI, 2022): Residual Intimacies: Allegorical Layers Towards a Poetic (Mis)use - Working Title

Ioana Lupascu was the esteemed 2021-2022 Chair of the COUNCIL, DAI's consultative student body.

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