Afrang Nordlöf Malekian ~ Keywords: keeping up with the Iranians, art of cooking with communist dreams – from garlic to onion, the eclipse of the (fe)male sun

Afrang Nordlöf Malekian (1995) is an artist and researcher whose practice concerns history’s hidden actors and makers. He puts historicity into use as a form of documentation and aspiration that calls for improbable and impossible futurities. It examines how narratives, hierarchies, systems, and language disappear, return, and transform in the most unexpected ways; the bootleg culture of Tehrangeles’ music, the non-binary South-West Asian beauty standards, or the Chilean and Iranian leftist movements forced to organize in exile.

Nordlöf Malekian has previously conducted artistic research at the Arab Image Foundation, Beirut, and been a resident at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. He has shown at the 10th Berlin Biennale, Moderna Museet, Tensta Konsthall, IASPIS, Tegel, Botkyrka Konsthall, Page Not  Found, Norbergfestival, Marabouparken, Nuda, Pina. Nordlöf Malekian’s work is in public collections including Moderna Museet, Public Art Agency Sweden, and Arab Image Foundation Library. Selected publications: Glänta, Paletten, Arab Image Foundation, Kultwatch.



Learn more aboutAfrang Nordlöf Malekian's 20 minute performance Keeping up with the Iranians for 'tuttə (le) rottə - all (the) ways: unfixed' ~ DAI's Aeroponic Acts 2022 at Centrale Fies in Italy. 

Learn more about Afrang Nordlöf Malekian's written MA Thesis (DAI, 2022): Keeping up with the Iranians

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