A queer contemplation and listening ~ Kostas Tzimoulis (DAI, 2011) sends us an announcement: VASKOS presents the new performance “Les chansons que nous avons aimées” A reflective performance about the time that flows between two bodies. We listen to music together, we smoke a cigarette together, we touch each other, we make jokes, we smoke a cigarette again, we drink coffee… And it all lasts 25 minutes (or a lifetime).

| tag: Marseille
In this new performance, "Les chansons que nous avons aimés" by VASKOS (Vassilis Noulas & Kostas Tzimoulis) 25 min, 2022, we look at our work again, isolating moments and excerpts that we are interested in bringing back to today and dealing again. “The songs we loved” are the ones with which our time passed between us, or even our own older works,in which some moments were concentrated.