Kristinn Guðmundsson

Kristinn Guðmundsson is an artist, performer and culinary tv-personality. Kristinn lives and works between Brussels and Reykjavík. Together with Peter Sattler he is a part of the collaborative duo PeterKristinn | KristinnPeter. Their work varies from numerous artistic approaches, including installations, video, sculpture, performance, and photography. Kristinn is a founding member of Marble-Crowd, an Icelandic ensemble of artists working on large scale performances. Eyður / Øland by Marble-Crowd premiered in the Icelandic National theatre in 2020. Since 2017 Kristinn has been producer, maker and performer of the culinary program Soð that is being shown at the Icelandic National Broadcast station RUV.



Kristinn Guðmundsson returns to DAI occassionally, as cook, as our chef de cuisine. 

Excerpt from Kristinn Guðmundsson's 20 minute presentation ((A)roma))nce / A roadtrip on an organic, dark brown stream of consciousness or what is the value of hanging out. for Speaking Without Thumbs - DAI's 3 day graduation lectures marathon, July 2016

Learn more about Kristinn Guðmundsson's written MA thesis (DAI, 2016): A Theory of Bromancehood

Peter Sattler and Kristinn Guðmundsson's website