Savannah Theis

Savannah Theis is an artist training in a somatic facilitation approach called Processwork. Devising and drawing on improvisational techniques from a range of fields, including intergroup dialogue, drawing, writing, choreography, somatic practices and the healing arts, she has been developing perception exercises exploring how different forms of sensorial attention alter how we relate to ourselves, one another and our surroundings. Often collaborating and co-creating settings for participation, she is interested in communal learning processes and the conditions facilitating how we speak, listen, move and make sense together. Currently evolving through workshops, drawing, performance and video, her work invites consideration of the ways in which different modes of sensing and relating open up understanding of our habits, potentials for change, and capacities to respond.

Recent projects include facilitating a series of somatic workshops as part of Maike Hemmers (DAI, 2017)’ exhibition for '84 STEPS’ at Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam (2022), running an online group using drawing and movement to explore personal and collective ‘dreaming’ within body symptoms (2021), and working as dramaturg and voice performer for ‘Keep in touch’, Schauspielhaus Zürich, directed by Maja Renn (DAI, 2016).



Learn more about Savannah Theis' 20 minute presentation "Practicing Relationality" for Maelstrom Slow Dance - Oostpool Theatre Arnhem,  June 2017.  

Learn more about Savannah Theis’ written MA thesis (DAI, 2017): Practicing Relationality: How to put theory into practice through the encounter with process work, practice-led research and an enquiry into feminist epistemologies

Follow Savannah's "life after DAI" through her website and instagram

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