Savannah Theis: Practicing Relationality: How to put theory into practice through the encounter with process work, practice-led research and an enquiry into feminist epistemologies

Advisor/tutor: Marina Vishmidt
Arnhem, June 2017


This thesis deals with different forms of knowing and questions the dualistic foundations of the dominant Western knowledge system. Using ideas introduced by feminist epistemologies, Karen Barad and Gilbert Simondon it examines concepts of relationality, process, entanglement and embodied knowledge as a theoretical framework. The reflexive methodological approaches used within practice-led research and ‘Process-Oriented Psychology’, also known as ‘process work’, provide tools for exploring the practical application of this framework in the development of political and living forms that take seriously a relational model of existence. The written text is accompanied by drawings conveying a non-verbal, process-led form of embodied knowledge.