In-space is a supportive collective thinking space to reflect on issues around your own and others’ experiences as a member of the DAI community. This is an organic process where all students can explore their concerns about race, gender, sexuality, mental health, culture and beyond.

In-space will be guided by Wanderley Santos. 

We are holding three introductory virtual meetings as part of Factory 2.0 on Saturday, 19th of February, in which we will talk more about this proposal and consider how to work together. The schedule is to be found in the bulletin. The continuation of these online sessions will be organised outside of the DAI Week structure, unless otherwise decided. Student assistant Marilú Mapengo Namoda will be co-ordinating the structure for all future meetings.

Please return to this page for updates.


In-space as a pilot, is funded through the NPO, the National Education Program.