In-space is an online supportive collective thinking space to reflect on issues around your own and others’ experiences as a member of the DAI community. This is an organic process where all students can explore their concerns about race, gender, sexuality, mental health, culture and beyond.

In-space is confidentially guided by Wanderley Santos, who, by means of introduction, will join us "in real life" for a day during DAI Confluence 1 (November, 2023) at PAF.

Online sessions for individual students or small groups of students can be organised upon request. Please contact Gabriel Acevedo: student assistant liaising between students and Wanderley Santos. 

Please note: 

In-space will not provide psycho-therapy.

In-space functions independently from the care and support structures provided by the overriding ArtEZ University of the Arts (see our Rights, Care & Support page).  

In-space is not playing any role in the day to day management and politics of the DAI's program and curriculum, let alone the governance and control structure of ArtEZ University of the Arts. If you would like to bring your institutional concerns or recommendations to the DAI, the General Assembly as well as the Council are the proper bodies for that. At the level of ArtEZ there are also fora, such as the Participation Council.

That said: In-space might be able to help you cope with disappointment, anger and frustration and think through productive ways of adressing (the humans of) the institution. 

Please return to this page for updates.

In-space in 2022 was funded through a special budget from the NPO, the National Education Program. In 2023 it is funded with a special budget deriving from the so-called, Kwaliteitsafspraken (Quality agreements) with the Dutch Minister of Education.