Maxime Gourdon

Maxime Gourdon (°1993, FR) is a curator, researcher and occasional cinematographer, based in Brussels. His work span collective working environments and collaborative setups, ranging from exhibition-making, research projects, to video-based works. These experiences have shaped means of inquiry that challenge academic and curatorial research in their classical ways, for they are modelled after first hand experience of cross disciplinary practices.

He currently pursues a theoretical and artistic research on the visual apparatus. Through this research he develops ideas of unbound vision to reconsider the normative gaze and objectifying look imposed by western institutions. This research intertwines scientific evidence to fictional elements so as to re-write new looking methodologies and expand our field of vision. Calling for a plurality of forms when addressing an audience, he attempts to develop new curatorial formats ; performative practices, audiovisual lecturing and editorial projects take a prime role in the delivery of his research.

Maxime Gourdon graduated in Cinema (Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, Paris, FR), Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies (KASK, Ghent, BE), and Art Praxis (Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, NL), and has been a recipient of the QAYYEM Curatorial Fellowship. Recent exhibitions and curatorial projects include: Bozar, Brussels (BE) ; Silent Green, Berlin (DE) ; MASS, Alexandria (EG) ; 9th Bucharest Biennale (RO).

Learn more about Maxime Gourdon's 20 minute presentation A continuous present, beginning again and again, with tenses such as past and future for the AEROPONIC ACTS 2020 - DAI's 3 day lectures marathon at Radio Kootwijk, August 2020. 

Learn more about Maxime Gourdon's written MA thesis (DAI, 2020): Strabismus as metaphor: visual impairment and unbound gaze for non-normative vision

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