COOP ~ The Covent of the Care-full from Month to Month

Seminar 1: 8 - 10 November 2021

This week will be a week of care-full introductions, where we will introduce all to one another, and following that, we will introduce the first topics and questions we will be asking together for this COOP.  We will first allow time for the other members of the tutoring team of the CoTC, to introduce their practices and research. We will then begin to discuss together the first parts of what this COOP will be enquiring. 

Care as Freedom: What does care mean and can mean for the concept of freedom? Can we think of care as a tool to fight different forms of oppression? Looking into concepts of care and self-care we cannot but think of the body as the site from where these concepts emerged, or on where such concepts can be performed on. Can we think of care and self-care (and social reproduction at large) as a site to free ourselves from capitalist production and reproduction? And what role does collective cultural practice and storytelling play in this process?

8th of November (iLiana)

Morning session: Introduction session Collective Rewilding & Laura Huertas Millan

Afternoon: Assembly: For this session we will be looking into different propositions of methodology for the COOP and we will ask students to discuss their practices and how they see them connected to care 

Evening session: Reading and discussion “Caring too much. That is the curse of the working class” by David Graeber AND “Self-care is warfare” by Sarah Ahmed 

9th of November (iLiana Fokianaki)

Morning session: Collective film practice as care---> care as a counter-power narrative to oppression. How can we think of care as a force that stands against the racist, neoliberal, capitalist world that we live in? How can collective concepts of care be enacted in cultural practice? In this session we will think together what (if any) are the possibilities and potencies of culture in truly bringing about social justice and change and how does that relate to care-full practice. 

Afternoon session: Looking in the work of Muses Insumises, Rojava Film Commune, Mosireen, Abunadara, Forensic Architecture and Karrabing Film Collective

Evening session: Film screening TBC

10th of November (Laura Huertas Millan)

The whole day: Workshop: “I don’t even care. I’m not telling that story”

Loosely based on Ursula Leguin’s The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, this workshop is a space to formulate which story you are telling, the story you do care about, as opposed to the narrative(s) that you’d rather leave behind, or the narrative that you are supposed to tell. This is a space to imagine the story that disobeys, the story that is undisciplined, the story that makes you the complicated narrator. How to shape that story that liberates, that story that has to carve its own space of singularity, the story that we were told not to tell? What are the conditions for a story that free us?