“Hydra is small, simple, and possesses many heads. It undergoes morphallaxis when injured or severed and it appears not to age or die."

HYDRA (Anna Gloria Flores) is a London based transmedia artist, researcher and practitioner. 

Comprising virtual reality, holistic healing, immersive performance, spacial design and wearable artifacts, HYDRA phygital programme revolves around the possibility of collective growth within a higher consciousness system in relation to physical reality through the spectrum of bodily experiences and nurturing technology.

Algorithmic landscapes and organic interfaces exist within one another on a spectrum, smoothly breathing in and out of each other. A Cosmic Womb where further growth and self-repair are possible.

HYDRA has recently relocated to Puglia, her native land,  to initiate a shedding process of "Phygital Transumanza ”. Based on A philosophical meditation on the nomadic tradition of pastoral transhumance, this ongoing research and newly introduced methodology unfolds around the seeding of decentralised culture, acknowledging hidden and neglected resources within ourselves and reconnecting to lost or rejected personal mythologies. HYDRA Phygital Programme developments will be the result of this applied methodology.