COOP ~ A Blues For Essential Workers from Month to Month

Seminar 1: 8 - 10 November 2021

Dear Alexandra, Derek, Emmeli, Jan-Pieter, Marika, Ronja, Ros, Till and Vera,

Tomorrow we kick things off with Blues For Essential Workers! I am looking forward to discussing with you how we are going to unpack what we are doing and hold space for a dispersed, complex, multiple, interactive, uncertain and necessarily engaged understanding. Since this trajectory will unfold partly during our travels to different locations, the pun of unpacking could also be, well, ‘unpacked’. 

Are you familiar with that thing you do when you arrive somewhere after traveling, and you never fully unpack your bag, your suitcase? You take out the essentials, the things that are needed at hand, but there are always some items that remain in your bag, your suitcase. Perhaps every now and then, you take some of the remaining items in your bag, your suitcase, because a situation calls for it. Sometimes a situation calls for something that you did not even know to bring, because you were not aware such situations could occur and the remaining items are of no use, leaving you dependent on your fellow travellers to help you out. 

One of our fellow travellers for this unpacking is a text by Maria Lugones titled Tactical Strategies Of The Streetwalker, which we will be reading together. One of the ideas circling in this text is the idea of the hang out, which we want to propose as a central concept to this COOP.

“Moving intentions within and toward a complex collectivity recommends the practice of hanging out, a streetwalkers practice. This practice is compatible with developing a rather large sense of the terrain and its social intricacies. Hanging out permits one to learn, to listen, to transmit information, to participate in communicative creations, to gauge possibilities, to have a sense of the directions of intentionality, to gain social depth.”

So, dear COOP, for this trajectory we propose to hang out. In this generative space, we kick off this week with organizing our first essentials, aware that we possibly some things will remain packed, that situations will occur that we had not foreseen and that our bag, our suitcase can be found lacking. We are curious to hear about the contents of your bag, your suitcase. Undoubtedly you can help us out. 

You will see me tomorrow at 10.00-ish at any place that has coffee. 

Warm wishes, also from Amal, Aude, Bonaventure and Zippora,