ABUNDANCE NEVER ENDS ~ CLOSING PARTY CHAPTER 4OUR ~On Saturday 30 October Het Hem close Chapter 4OUR with music and performances, in the middle of the exhibition ( guest-curated by the one-and-only Simon(e) van Saarloos (DAI, 2020) who is coming to the Netherlands from Berkely for a few days and hopes to see y'all ). Come, listen and dance. Sunday 31 October, 2021 will be the last day to see the exhibition of Chapter 4OUR.

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Simon(e) van Saarloos

"We start the evening with a ceremonial performance by OTION (Guillermo Armand Blinker). Het HEM's artist-in-residence OTION is a multidisciplinary performer who organically mixes his live performances with spoken word and dance to afro/neo-soul inspired dreamlike vocal soundscapes.

Artist Carly Rose Bedford - found in Het HEM as a pink glitter dune and a car wreck - shares a performance in which the boundary between object and body disappears.

DJ Jasmine Perez, known from The Circus Side Show, sets the tone for an abundant celebration. Multidisciplinary lesbian duo LIONSTORM performs, and DJ Sky Deep closes the show. Sky is a DJ, educator, guitarist (with Peaches) and porn filmmaker. The Amsterdam Queer Skateclub dances and rolls through the space, on Het HEM's 9000 square metres concrete floor.

Artist-in-Resident Kevin Gotkin hosts a REMOTE ACCESS x Abundance party that takes place online, anywhere in the world, but at least between New York City, Zaandam and Istanbul. Gotkin is known for their GlitchRealm party - accessible online gathering way before Covid Zoom parties were 'discovered'. DJ Q-Bra plays at this All Access party from bed in Istanbul.

In the Dynamic Range, Jerrausama plays living room tunes.




Het HEM welcome all audiences to experience work made across all mediums. All spaces on the ground floor are accessible with a wheelchair and the exhibition on the top floor is accessible via an elevator.

The elevator is suitable for wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters and can be used by asking an employee at the reception. There are also staff members at the entrance available to assist visitors that require special assistance.

If you would like to book one of our mediators before your visit or if you have any questions about accessibility at Het HEM, please send an email to info@hethem.nl"

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Zaandam, the Netherlands