Miiel Ferráez ~ Keywords: air-quotes, emo-cybernaut, hypertext-intersectionality, water-rat-airborne-diseases, oregon-trail, microsatellite, misgendered, m!ssundaztood, nanobot-scrunchie, subniche-biotoxin, tlalnepantla, viral-hauntology, nerve-agent

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Learn more about Miiel Ferráez' 20 minute performance ( with Clara Winter) ppl stuck in time-windows shouldn't be throwing bricks  for UNDERSTORY CHANT ~ Aeroponic Acts 2021, August 2021 in Arnhem. 

Learn more about Miiel Ferráez' written MA thesis (DAI, 2021): Selected Findings from Anarchaeology of Presence: on Dealing with Futurity and Grasping the Possibility of a Now.

Learn more about Miiel Ferráez' "life after DAI" by means of this website.