"Dust of Venus" by Anna Hoetjes (DAI, 2011) comprises of ten clay disks, containing the same chemical composition as our blazing sister planet Venus. The disks are inscribed with references to ancient star maps. The ceramic glaze applied to the tiles of "Aphrodite Terra" references the spectroscopic techniques used for analysing starlight by early female space pioneers. Both works by Anna will be part of the group exhibition WHO WANTS TO LIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT MAGIC? Curated by Katayoun Arian for Tent. 10 SEPT - 5 DEC 2021.

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Participating artists: Animistic Beliefs (Marvin Lalihatu en Linh Luu) and Jeisson Drenth, Mehraneh Atashi, Anna Hoetjes, Tja Ling Hu, Narges Mohammadi, Shertise Solano, and Natalia Sorzano.

Using intimate, poetic, and speculative narratives and methods, the participating artists weave in spells that bring magical worldviews alive. Here, magic is used as a tool in an ongoing exploration reaching far beyond simple definitions of the term itself, manifesting in different vocabularies, material traces, and through sound and music. Working across pasts, futures, and presents, the artists highlight the power of critical imagination, energy transference, and acts of ritualisation. While they vary in foregrounding autobiographical elements, local and diasporic imaginaries, or spellbinding fabulations, the works in the exhibition and events programme overlap and resonate in an offering of transformative standpoints wherein binary worldviews become obsolete. Reckoning with what has been lost through hundreds of years of extractivist logics, some works propose ways of collectively refiguring and repositioning hegemonic historical and scientific narratives. Others propose that although loss, suffering, and deprivation might not magically end, we can alchemically recycle them to make new growth possible. Together, they invite us on a multi-sensorial meander to experience what non-hegemonic and less individualistic forms of mourning and healing can look, feel, or sound like.

The exhibition includes an online and offline hybrid events program of intimate gatherings, listening sessions, and podcasts that will inspire further discussion, participation, and development of the ideas inherent in the works. Participating artists are, amongst others, the Mourning School and Raoni Muzho Saleh. For further announcements, keep an eye on Tent's website and their social media channels.