COMING SOON to Het Hem in Zaandam: Chapter 4OUR: ABUNDANCE ~ by writer, activist and philosopher Simon(e) van Saarloos (DAI, 2020). The artworks in the exhibition have been compiled together with Vincent van Velsen.

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In this chapter Simon(e) takes up a challenging hypothesis: we are trained to think from scarcity, a principle that not only dominates the economic system but also permeates social structures, creating value on the basis of comparison, hierarchy and categorization.

Simon(e) proposes to break this scarcity doctrine by thinking from abundance. Abundance strives towards the centralization of many different stages, artists, bodies, art forms and stories — all at the same time.

[image description: in this photo you see writer, philosopher and activist Simon(e) van Saarloos looking straight into the camera. They are wearing a colorful hooded sweater and brown army pants. They are standing next to a yellow pillar at Het HEM in Zaandam.]
A few already had a sneak-peek, but Het Hem can’t wait to open it to the public and have you stroll through their building once again.

More details on opening and visiting hours will follow soon.