Statutory tuition fees for EU and EEA & Swiss and Surinamese Nationals

Statutory tuition fees for 2022-2023:

Each year the statutory tuition rates are established by the Dutch Governement. For the 2021-2022 academic year they mount up to

€ 2.209,-. in total

To be eligible for the statutory tuition fee, you must meet the following conditions:

1. Nationality

  • you are an EU/EEA, Swiss or Surinamese national, or
  • you are from a non-EEA country but are recognised by the UAF as a refugee student, or
  • you are entitled to student finance according to the Student Finance Act (WSF 2000), or
  • you have a non-EU/EEA nationality but are a family member (see Directive 2004/38/EG) of a citizen with Dutch nationality and you both live in the Netherlands

2. No previous degree

This means that you have not earned a Master’s degree in government-funded Dutch Higher Education after 31 July 1991.

In case you have already earned a Master Degree in the Netherlands ( between 1991 and today), you will be required to pay the same tuition fees as the Non-EU / EEA students

Learn which countries are currently part of the EU/EEA

Tuition fees can be paid annually in one lump sum, or, for students who have bank account in the Netherlands or in another SEPA country, can be spread over 10 installments.

Please note that studying at the DAI requires an additional contribution for the costs of living/ boarding during our monthly DAI weeks.

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