Tuition fees for EU and EEA Nationals & also Swiss and Surinamese Nationals

Legal tuition fees for 2018-2019:

€ 2060 for EU/EEA students who have not obtained a (recognized and accredited) master's degree in the Netherlands after 1991.

In case you have already earned a Master Degree in the Netherlands ( between 1991 and today), you will be required to pay the same tuition fees as the Non-EU / EEA students

Learn which countries are currently part of the EU/EEA

For students who have a Dutch bank account, tuition fees can be paid annually in one lump sum or, alternatively spread over 6 installments.



Please note that studying with the DAI requires an additional contribution of € 1500 per academic year:

DAI Roaming Academy must charge you an additional, obligatory contribution to its Project Fund, covering:

- accommodation (sleep) during DAI-weeks 

- all meals during DAI-weeks

- travel costs above "from home to Arnhem and back" (under conditions)

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Note that the ArtEZ University of the Arts offers a wide range of alternative programs which do not require an additional


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