The partner of Tor Mikkel Wara, Norway’s former justice minister, has been found guilty of threatening democracy and was sentenced to 20 months in prison in a case involving faked attacks on her family home and the torching of her car. She had sought to generate sympathy by maliciously blaming the anti-racist Black Box Theatre in Oslo for the incidents. This extraordinary, chilling story begins with our wonderful alumna Hanan Benammar (DAI, 2015) one of the two leading actresses in Ways of Seeing, the theatre piece that triggered intense political pressure from the extreme-right in Norway. Dutch weekly De Groene Amsterdammer now publishes an indepth account (which even mentions the DAI). Click to find this and further articles about the troubling chain of events.

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February 2021:

Article (in Dutch) by Roos van der Lint in De Groene Amsterdammer

January 2021:

Article in the Guardian

June 2019:

Hanan Benammar writes to all her friends. 


Plans are in the making to bring the piece to Belgium and to the Netherlands in the near future. We will keep you updated!