DAI-bulletin 2005-2006 number five February 2006

This is the fifth issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2005-2006, informing you about our program, about important dates and events
Students: please, PRINT THIS TEXT and keep it with you as an extension to your diary.
Alterations and additions to the program will be e-mailed to you.

News on alumni and/ or current students and/or lecturers( you are all are most welcome to send in your announcements).

- Together with Philip Akkerman, Anton Henning, Karen Kilimnik, Elke Krystufek, Jonathan Meese, Esther Rutenfranz, Christoph Schellberg, Anja Schrey, So-Yeun Lee, Heike Weber and Christoph Worringer DAI-alumnus Marijn Akkermans participates from February 11 till April 9 in the exhibition Face to Face, Künstlerselbstporträts in the Ausstellungshalle zeitgenössische Kunst Münster.

- Till February 26 DAI-alumnus Patrick Ros participates in Transformation a group show in the Balengebouw in Enschede.
Patrick Ros also has a show at BVV, Kottendijk 110B in Enschede.

- DAI-alumnus Paul Segers (http://www.boxertwin.com) participates in Hier 2 a show with young artists from Eindhoven.
Location: Mu and Krabbedans
Opening: Friday February 10th 20.00
More info at http://www.mu.nl.

- Just In is an exhibition with the installation Charge by EventArchitecture + current DAI student Idan Hayosh, to be seen in the Zuiderkerk Amsterdam.

- Current DAI student Machteld Aardse & Anne Verhoysen (guestlecturer at the DAI during the Suryoye-seminar spring 2005; http://www.genesis3.org/) present a projection-show Iran en route in Amsterdam in Club 11 Post CS, Amsterdam on Thursday February 9 from 9 PM (21.00) onward.

DAI PROGRAMME February 2006

THURSDAY February 2
From 2-5 PM
Plenary meeting between Gabriëlle Schleijpen, course director and all students in the canteen. This is THE occasion to discus anything concerning DAI’s curriculum and your participation in it.

Also: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong present in Computerroom.

FRIDAY February 3
Studiovisits by
- Dutch curator Suzanne van de Ven and 7 of her students from the curatorial workgroup from the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe Germany, involved in a curatorial project.
- Gabriëlle Schleijpen
- Rik Fernhout

Also: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong present in Computerroom


THURSDAY February 9
- Seminar ‘Hole in the brain’
Mandatory to all students.
DAI: projectroom

11:00Steven Steenbruggen, architect, member of the workgroup ‘De Verbeelde Beroerte’, family member of a stroke victim, Amsterdam.
History, ideas and goals of the symposium ‘A Hole in the Brain’
11:15Dr. Frans Cornelissen, neurophysiologist, University of Groningen
‘How does the brain see?’ - an analysis of visual perception
12:30Gregor Langfeld, art historian, Universtiy of Leiden
‘Lovis Corinth - painter (1858-1925)’ German artist whose works made in the years after his stroke gained more critical recognition than his early work, and whose work from this period was later reviled by the Nazis as an example of ‘Degenerate Art’.
14:30Dr. Cobie Baart, neurologist, Enschede
‘Causes and effects of a stroke, Introduction into the patients/cases’
16:00Steven Steenbruggen
‘Herman Smith, Artist’ --- perceptions on having a stroke as well as coping with it afterwards
16:45video screening

Project coordinators DAI:
Florian Göttke (fu.goettke@wanadoo.nl)
Rebecca Sakoun (rebecca.sakoun@aya.yale.edu)
More on A Hole in the Brain >>>

FRIDAY February 10
Conclusion to the theory project UNDERSTANDING MEDIA THEORY
Plenary session in the projectroom with John Heijmans, Gerco Lindeboom and special guest Arjen Mulder, author of Understanding Media Theory.
In the afternoon studiovisits by Arjen Mulder according to a schedule made by John Heijmans.

Also: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong present in Computerroom.


WEDNESDAY February 15

THURSDAY February 16
Studiovisits by
Emo Verkerk (from 9.30 onward)
Rik Fernhout
Gabriëlle Schleijpen
Sylvie Zijlmans
(The last 3 from 10.30 onward)
A schedule will be provided to you by Hilly Podde.

Also: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong present in Computerroom.

FRIDAY February 17
A research- and practice project on the characteristics of various platforms for art by Rik Fernhout.

Today the DAI will take you on an excursion to Rotterdam and present you with exlusive meetings & discussions with:
Nicolas Schafhausen
, director of Witte de With (http://www.wdw.nl/)and with
Sjarel Ex
, director of Museum Boymans van Beuningen (http://www.boijmans.rotterdam.nl/)and a visit to Art Rotterdam(http://www.artrotterdam.nl), the international art fair of the Netherlands.
All practical information will be provided to you by Rik Fernhout.

No programme this week at the DAI because of the Spring Holiday from Monday 20 till Monday 27.